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Our quality control system is documented in an authorized quality assurance manual, which includes both production and distribution procedures. We take strict quality assurance procedures to guarantee the accurate measurements and mechanical properties of our products. Our quality control program guarantees that each product goes through the following processes and quality systems: Material Control System, Process Control System, Machining and Dimensional Control, Certification and Supplementary Inspection, Finishing and Marketing. We adopt a strong measure of quality assurance. Our quality is a hallmark of all of our products. We produce products with global quality standards and are certified by agencies in India and abroad. We are dedicated to improving the quality of our products and services in order to deliver consumer satisfaction through consistency in quality. Every employee is committed to this purpose and every measure and consideration is taken to ensure the development of outstanding products, reliable packaging, timely distribution, efficient pricing and excellent after-sales support.

In our theory, quality is not just the durability and defect free nature of the product, but also its usefulness and applicability for the specific purpose with which it was purchased. We are also dedicated to manufacturing goods that can satisfy specific criteria and objectives. We also implemented rigorous quality assurance policies to ensure optimal production and zero product defects. Quality is tested at various stages of production and delivery, and the products we provide is obtained only from reputable and certified suppliers.