Inconel 718 Tubes

Advantages and Specification of Inconel 718 Tubes

Inconel 718 Tubes

Inconel 718 tube is an age-hardenable super-alloy comprising of nickel-chromium-iron as its main elements. It also contains significant amounts of molybdenum, titanium, niobium and aluminum. This combines strong resistance to corrosion with extremely high strength. Typical applications include O-rings and heat exchangers.

Inconel 718 tubing displays an excellent high creep-rupture and yield tensile properties at temperatures up to 1300 degree F and oxidation resistance to 1800 degree F. Inconel 718 tubes find their use in high-strength applications such as jet engine components such as buckets, wheels, spacers, and bolts and fasteners for high temperatures.

What are the advantages of using Inconel 718 Tubes?

  • Inconel 718 Tubes is an alloy built on nickel that has been hardened by precipitation. The inconel 718 tube is intended for use in applications that need very high yield power, high tensile strength and strong creep rupture characteristics.
  • These tubes have very good mechanical properties i.e. they are tensile, fatigue and creep-rupture. They also have exceedingly high yield tensile strength, creep, and rupture strength properties. The Inconel 718 tubes are highly resistant to chloride, high temperature resistant, and sulfide stress corrosion cracking. The Inconel 718 tubes are also resistant to aqueous corrosion as also to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking.
  • It is an age-hardenable alloy with a specific slow ageing response property that allows heating and cooling without the possibility of cracking during annealing. It has outstanding welding properties that are resistant to post-weld age cracking.
  • Inconel 718 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy engineered to withstand pitting and cracking corrosion in a wide variety of severely corrosive conditions. From cryogenic temperatures until long-term operation at 1200 degrees F, this nickel alloy is used. The presence of niobium to permit age hardening is one of the distinguishing features of the composition of Inconel 718, which enables annealing and welding without spontaneous hardening during heating and cooling.
  • The niobium addition works with the molybdenum to stiffen the matrix of the alloy and provide high strength without reinforcing heat treatment. Other traditional nickel-chromium alloys are hardened by the addition of aluminum and titanium through age.

What are the specifications of these Inconel 718 tubes?

  • Inconel 718 tubes are available in various standards such as ASTM B163/ ASME SB163, ASTM B516/ ASME SB516.
  • They are available in sizes ranging from 3.35 mm OD to 101.6 mm OD for seamless tubes whereas 6.35 mm OD to 152 mm OD for Welded Tube.
  • These tubes are found in different types of tubing, namely, polished, Annealed and picked, bright and annealed and MF.
  • The various types of tubing alloys are Seamless, EFW, EFW, Welded, and Fabricated Tube / Tubing and they are available in various forms such as ‘U’ bent, Hollow, Hydraulic, LSAW, Boiler, Straight Tube, Tube Coil, Round, Rectangular, Square Etc.

These were the major advantages and specifications of Inconel 718 tubes you needed to know.