Difference between Inconel 625 and 600 Welded Pipe

Inconel 600 Pipes

What is Inconel 625?

Inconel 625 is a popular nickel alloy with chromium, molybdenum, columbium and other elements like iron, niobium, manganese, aluminium, titanium, cobalt and silicon. This alloy is widely used for its excellent corrosion resistance, and higher strength.

Inconel 625 Welded Pipe and its features:

Inconel 625 Welded Pipe has excellent strength and weldability properties. This pipe is formed using ERW process by roll formed strip. This pipe efficiently works at higher temperature conditions.  Inconel 625 Welded Pipe offer higher tensile strength, heat resistance, cold and hot workability and higher durability. This pipe has higher toughness even in higher pressure and temperature conditions. This welded pipe is highly resistant to corrosion, oxidation and carburization. This nickel based fitting offer higher resistance to pitting, aqueous corrosion and chloride ion corrosion cracking. Also, Inconel 625 Welded Pipe is resistant to caustic solutions, sulphuric acid and other acidic media.

Applications of Inconel 625 Welded Pipe:

Due to excellent corrosion resistance features, Inconel 625 Welded Pipe is used in the applications that contain high saline seawater, fresh water etc.  This welded pipe is suitable to use in industrial applications such as furnace components, heat treating industries, chemical equipment, seawater equipment, and many more.

What is Inconel 600?

Inconel 600 is one of the most widely used nickel chromium and iron alloy that offers excellent resistance and special designed for elevated, cryogenic temperatures. This alloy offers very good resistance to corrosion, oxidation and chloride containing environments.

Inconel 600 Welded Pipe and its features:

Inconel 600 Welded Pipe offers excellent chemical and mechanical properties even at elevated temperature conditions. This welded pipe is highly resistant to organic, inorganic compounds and various corrosive media. Inconel 600 Welded Pipe resists steam, alkaline and carbon dioxide. This pipe exhibit very good weldability and workability features. Also, this welded pipe is highly resistant to organc acids like formic, caustic and acetic. Inconel 600 Welded Pipe are highly durable, and offer higher strength in and reducing and oxidizing conditions.

Applications of Inconel 600 Welded Pipe:

This welded pipe is mostly used in the chemical industries, food processing, condensers, and many more. Due to excellent resistivity features Inconel 600 Welded Pipe is used in the production of caustic alkalis, boiling water reactors, reactor vessels and heat exchangers.

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