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What is Titanium Gr 5 Fasteners -

Amigo Impex is the popular exporter and supplier of the very good quality of comprehensive ranges of TITANIUM Grade 5 eli ti6al4v Fasteners. We are the customer-focused industry that is providing the same to our esteem patrons at different specifications and standards to easily meet their application desires. Also, we supply and export it at custom made specifications as per the product specifications are given to us by our clients. All our product ranges are designed using superior quality of alloy and as per set product quality standards. Our product conforms to industry standards like API, ASTM, and ASME, etc.

Today it is found in many industrial applications like paper & pulp industry, offshore oil drilling industry, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, heat exchangers, etc. These Ti Gr5 fasteners are having many good properties. It is like high tensile strength, rugged construction, pitting & oxidation resistance, long serviceability, perfect dimensions, smooth surface finishes, etc.

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Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners

Product Description

  • Type: Fasteners
  • Material: Titanium
  • ASTM: F467/F468
  • Grade: Grade 5
  • UNS: N56400
  • WERKSTOFF: 3.7165

Titanium alloy is a chemical element with a Ti symbol and is a metal having low density, high strength and is silver in color. It is showing resistance to corrosion at sea-water, aqua region, and atmosphere containing chlorine. It as an important alloying element is having other metals like iron, titanium, and molybdenum. Due to low density and ability of withstanding high temperature, it is made in use in many applications.

This alloy is one of the most commonly used titanium alloys. Ti5 fastener is commonly used in the oilfield. This as alpha-beta material in titanium series is the workhorse alloy. The temperature of annealing is ranging from 700 deg F to 785 deg F. Also it accounts for about 50% of total titanium usage across the globe. TITANIUM Grade 5 eli ti6al4v Fasteners are having good strength and creep resistance properties to a temperature ranging to 300 deg C. TITANIUM Grade 5 is the widely used material accounting more than 50% of all titanium sponge used internationally.

TITANIUM Grade 5 eli ti6al4v Fasteners are strictly quality checked before its delivery. The tests done on it are hardiness tests, pitting corrosion tests, mechanical strength tests, macro tests, flattening tests, PMI-IGC tests.

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Titanium Alloy Grade 5 Fasteners Specification

Titanium Grade 5 Fastener manufacturer and Supplier


ASTM F467-F468 / ASME SF467-SF468

Dimension Standard

DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards


3 mm to 201 mm

Bolt / Screw Size

M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes

Nuts Size

M02 to M33 | Custom Sizes

Washers Size

M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes

Types of Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners

Titanium Grade 5 Nuts

Titanium Gr 5 Nuts

Titanium Alloy Grade 5 Nuts, UNS N56400 Nuts, Titanium Gr 5 Hex Nuts, Titanium 3.7165 Nuts, Titanium Grade 5 Square Nuts, Ti Alloy Gr-5 Heavy Hex Nuts Exporter, Titanium Grade 5 Nuts Supplier, Alloy Gr 5 Wing Nuts, Ti Alloy Ti6al4v Coupling Nuts Manufacturer.

Titanium Grade 5 Bolts

Titanium Grade 5 Bolts

Titanium Alloy Gr-5 Bolts, Titanium Grade 5 Bolts, UNS N56400 Bolts, Titanium 3.7165 Bolts, Ti Alloy Grade 5 Bolt Supplier, Titanium Gr 5 Heavy Hex Bolts Exporter, Alloy Gr-5 Machine Bolts, Grade 5 Titanium U Bolts, Ti Alloy Gr 5 J Bolts Manufacturer.

Titanium Grade 5 Washers

Titanium Grade 5 Washers

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Titanium Gr 5 Screws

Titanium Grade 5 Screws

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Titanium Alloy Grade 5 Stud Bolts

Titanium Alloy Grade 5 Stud Bolts

Titanium Grade 5 Stud Bolts, UNS N56400 Stud Bolts, Titanium 3.7165 Stud Bolts, Titanium Gr 5 Stud Bolts, Ti Alloy Grade 5 Stud Supplier, Titanium Alloy Gr-5 Stud Bolts Exporter, Titanium Gr 5 Threaded Rod, Titanium Grade 5 Full Threaded Stud Bolts, Gr-5 Titanium Half Threaded Stud Bolts, Ti Alloy Grade 5 Studs Manufacturer.

Titanium Grade 5 Anchor Bolts

Titanium Grade 5 Anchor Bolts

Titanium Grade 5 Anchor Bolts, UNS N56400 Anchor Bolts, Titanium 3.7165 Anchor Bolts, Titanium Gr 5 Anchor Bolts, Titanium Ti6al4v Anchor Bolt Supplier, Titanium Alloy Gr-5 Anchor Bolts Exporter, ASTM F467 Alloy Gr 5 Anchor Bolts, Alloy Grade 5 Pin Type Anchor Bolt, Titanium Gr-5 Sleeve Anchor Bolt, Ti Alloy Gr 5 Bullet Type Anchor Manufacturer in Mumbai/India.

Equivalent Grades of Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners

Titanium Grade 5 3.7165 N56400

Titanium Grade 5 Fastener Chemical Properties

Grade Ti C Fe O Al V
Titanium Gr 5 90 min - 0.25 max 0.2 max 6 min 4 min

Titanium Grade 5 Fastener Mechanical Properties

Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
4.43 g/cm3 1632 °C (2970 °F) Psi – 138000 , MPa – 950 Psi – 128000 , MPa – 880 14 %

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